Xpedize Ventures: Ensuring a Holistic SCF Experience through Software with a Service (SwaS)

CIO Vendor The Supply Chain Finance industry (SCF) is growing at a rapid pace. This growth can be attributed to emergence of various trending technologies and its adoption enabled at an economical rate, the penetration of various organizations in the market and the government’s strong focus on digitalization. This industry is projected to be a potential market with billions of dollars’ worth of needs that need to be met. However, India still faces challenges in this market such as unpredictable cash flows due to financial transactions being delayed, dearth of automated payment processes and insufficient knowledge and training of supply chain finance tools. This market gap demands for a holistic solution which brings efficiency sans disrupting the supply chain or existing processes. A platform that caters to both, buyers and his suppliers, is of essence rather than solution providers focused on working with just one part of the ecosystem.

Coming to the fore is Gurugram headquartered Xpedize Ventures with its robust end-to-end Software with a Service (SwaS) platform, Xpedize. The platform provides the buyers and suppliers with the ability to discover a discounting rate via supplier initiated requests, buyer initiated offers and a unique auction event. “There are over 63.9 Mn registered MSMEs in the country and many of them are facing challenges to meet their working capital requirements and some of whom may not be eligible for financing due to lenders credit appetite or high rates. Xpedize solves this by bringing buyer and supplier over a single platform, allowing for buyers to make early payment to their suppliers against a mutually agreeable discount,” adds R. Gopikrishnan, Co-founder and CTO at Xpedize Ventures.
Gopikrishnan explains how Xpedize provides a single window application for corporates to finance their supply chain with the most efficient financing alternatives right from using their own funds to bank facilities and working with capital exchanges set up for MSMEs under the approval of RBI. “This way, the entire eco-system benefits from the program as well as the companies meet their compliance requirements,” says Gopikrishnan. Catering to buyers and suppliers alike, the feature-rich platform assures the supplier obtains his money early against a mutually agreeable discount and the buyer has the ability to generate higher returns on his surplus cash or unutilized credit. “We help companies generate additional returns on their surplus cash from time to time. At the same time, we also provide solutions to manage DPOs (Days Payable Outstandings) and help in achieving working capital targets for both buyer and supplier,” informs Gopikrishnan.

Xpedize brings buyer and supplier over a single platform, allowing for buyers to make early payment to their suppliers against a mutually agreeable discount

The Future that Lies Ahead
Having leveraged decades of industry experience to design and develop a leading-edge platform, the company is now focused on providing curated offerings to its customers in tandem with various initiatives like live KYC, Sahmati (AA), e-Invoicing and IRN, propelling the ecosystem toward reliable digital data. Gopikrishnan signs off, “We are working closely on these initiatives to ensure that all relevant information is available real-time. Our next goal is to get the suppliers funded within 30 min of their early payment request for working capital needs.”