AI on the Fly Technologies: Advancing on Quantum Computing for the Next Industrial Revolution

CIO Vendor The availability of large volumes of data in the past few years and improvement in the computing power of devices has given rise to the growth of deep tech startups in India. Deep tech includes the use of emerging and new-age tech such as AI, ML, augmented & virtual reality, blockchain, and robotics. Deep technology finds applications in a vast range of areas including fintech, edtech, and mobility, user behavior analysis in retail, and crucial social development and data security.

Further, COVID-19 has accelerated digital adoption and the shift to online in India, creating new opportunities for tech startups that are capitalizing on these opportunities with rapid digital acceleration and a shift to SaaS-based solutions. Deep-tech is also getting deep-rooted into startups’ DNA with 19% of tech startups leveraging deep-tech solutions to build product competencies for market expansion.

Significantly, AI on the Fly Technologies pvt ltd ( is a deep tech startup that builds, operates, and transforms automated, autonomic, and audited platforms using AI quantum computing, blockchain, LCNC Low Code No Code, automation stack across Fintech, RegTech, GRC Tech, asset management tech, financial asset inclusion tech, asset posture management, adaptive payment tech, and smart contract tech.

The company is the world’s first startup to process AI and Quantum Computing workloads using the AIOTF Complex Event Processor that uses Synthetic Data and “On the Fly” Automated models. The Innovations of cover data at rest as well as data in motion, real-time analysis, and processing “On the Fly” of more than 1 billion STPD (Synthetic Transactions per Day) across AI and emerging tech workloads.

AIOTF. io builds its own AI, ML, quantum computing LCNC, blockchain, and automation solutions that are cloud native and SaaS based platforms. The company engineers and develops AI and Quantum Computing Processor
Engineers that can scale up horizontally and vertically across many unmet and emerging use cases.

Moreover, is a revenue-generating startup since August 2019 with positive cash flow and self-funded to date. The company has already 30+ global customers and this scale up to over 5000 customers in 2 Years across the Fintech, Agri Tech, Ed-Tech, Dev-Tech, and Supply Chain Tech Platforms. addresses the challenges faced by enterprises across using data, data science, sandboxes, intelligence, analytics, and data in motion to help make better decisions across the application ecosystems, mission-critical systems & platforms, audit, governance, risk, and compliance. The team is a mix of data scientists, computer engineers, technologists, digital marketing, collaborators, and transformation experts.

Further, the founder of the company Sudin Baraokar has more than 2 decades of IT and innovation experience in SBI, Barclays, IBM, GE and has worked on more than 70+ Technologies and Platforms. He has trained more than 100K Working professionals and students on emerging tech and mentored more than 500 Startups across Fintech globally and is ranked as the world’s topmost emerging tech expert. addresses the challenges faced by enterprises across using data, data science, sandboxes, intelligence, analytics, and data in motion

Innovation, Emerging Tech, and Deep Tech remain the focus for the company and consequently aspires to build the world’s first AI and quantum computing based next generation core banking asset management platform, global stressed asset monetization platform, real estate live asset intelligence platform, global agri-tech posture management platform, and engineering & development converged code automated advisor platform.

“On the Fintech, EdTech, and DevTech side we are scaling up our Innovation Channel and our continuing mission is to Make yourself and your Organization AI and ET (Emerging Tech) first” concludes Sudin Baraokar, Founder,